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Innovadomains offers the best domain names in 4.0 Technologies, including Big Data and Analytics, 3D Printing, PropTech, InsurTech, 5G, IoT, Smart Tech, and Wearables. We trust in well-established and secure platforms such as PayPal and to acquire your favorite domains, as well as through your preferred domain registrars. Feel free to contact us at

We are a proud member of 3D Factory (, the first 3D Printing startup incubator in Europe, funded by the Spanish Government and the European Union. 3D Factory is located in Barcelona, where it is developing the largest 4.0 Technologies facility in the region, shaping the future of our society.

Domain names are world strategic assets that impact authority, credibility, and brand positioning. Top Tech companies have invested in not just there single brand domain, but an entire portfolio of domains for marketing campaigns, landing pages, lead generation, and future endeavors. The best domain names are memorable, catch the attention, build trust and long term relations with consumers.

Domain names directly impact the Brand Equity, the emotional value of what your brand, products, and services, transmit to users. By creating emotional bonds, we can make costumers believe, get excited, and willing to pay a premium price, when offering similar features as competitors. Domains are strongly related to high brand equity, commitment, and reputation. Do not underestimate the power of domain names as valuable engaging catalyzers.

Domains are considered the Real Estate of the online space, your digital home for your brand, content, and projects. As real estate prices can appreciate or go down, great domains are always going to be highly valuable. This is based on supply and demand. There is only one, a unique version of domain names in the entire universe. 

COM is the king of domain extensions (TLDs)

1. Most people assume your site ends in .com. It is at the top of users' minds, a straightforward mental association avoiding any confusion. In a saturated market with more than 1000 extensions, COM has become even stronger while increasing its dominant position. Other extensions can make your brand be seen as a depreciated or weak version, even less committed with your industry and business.

2. COM joins the ranks of every Fortune 500 company and many of the top startups that have made a .com domain name, a global standard for doing business online. Because it's well established, the extension has a natural reputation both from users and search engines. How much money will you have to spend in branding to overcome the pitfalls of not owning a .com?

3. COM was one of the first TLDs introduced for use on the internet back in January 1985. It's been the default domain TLD since then. Given its rich history, it's the most memorable and recognized by the general public. Today, there are over 130 million registered .com domain names. As an established domain, millions of individuals and businesses around the world trust .com for their online presence.

Remember: Domain names are world strategic assets. Consider you have one opportunity before others get your domain.

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